HVO – Low Carbon Diesel

By switching to HVO fuel, you can reduce your emissions, improve performance and help to preserve our planet.

What is HVO?

HVO, which stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, is a synthetic diesel alternative that’s made from completely renewable raw materials. HVO offers a significantly extended lifespan (up to 10 years compared to just 1 for diesel) and up to 90% lower net CO2 emissions than diesel.

As a pure paraffinic hydrocarbon, it doesn’t contain the aromatic compounds which are present in conventional diesel. HVO adheres to both the EN 15940 and ASTM D975 specifications, allowing it to be used as a drop-in alternative to diesel without modifying existing infrastructure.

With approvals from major OEMs and engine manufacturers, using HVO will have zero impact on warranties.

In a nutshell

  • Cuts net CO2 emissions by up to 90%
  • Meets EN 15940:2016 specifications
  • Drop-in alternative for white and red diesel
  • Derived from certified renewable waste sources (ISCC)
  • FAME and fossil-free so reduced risk of diesel bug attack
  • Free from aromatics, sulphur and metals
  • Year-round performance with up to 10-year shelf life

Reap the benefits of a clean-burning fuel

  • Manufactured from carbon that’s derived from certified waste products
  • ISCC and RFAS approved ensuring sustainability and product integrity
  • Accepted by the UK government as a renewable fuel under the Road Transport Fuel Obligation (RFAS)
  • Eliminates up to 90% of net CO2 and significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide emissions (CO)


HVO fuel OEM approvals

HVO fuel manufacturer approvals

It’s easy to switch to HVO

  • HVO fuel is a tried and tested product; it’s clean, safe and approved by a large number of manufacturers for both on and off-road use
  • Drop-in alternative to diesel and compatible with existing fuelling structures
  • No modifications or costly investments needed to engines or infrastructure
  • Fully miscible with mineral diesel and can be blended at any percentage

Industry-leading performance

  • HVO fuel is not biodiesel. It doesn’t contain FAME so doesn’t suffer from any of its associated performance issues
  • No risk of oxidation or degradation as production process removes oxygen avoiding the risk of diesel bug attack
  • Stable fuel – shelf life of up to 10 years compared to 1 for regular diesel
  • Excellent low-temperature performance with improved cold-start performance and less risk of waxing in extreme temperatures

Benefits of switching to HVO fuel

Ready to make the switch to HVO fuel? Join us on the road to a greener future and find out more about our renewable diesel fuel by calling our HVO fuel experts today on 0330 123 1144 to learn more about making the switch.

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