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Beesley Fuels is a leading UK gas oil supplier with over 50 years of experience supplying gas oil to our loyal customers throughout the UK. Our customers trust us to supply them year-round.

What are the latest gas oil prices?

Our gas oil prices are updated daily in line with the live market. Our team of UK-based advisors are available 24/7 and strive to give you the most up to date pricing information. If you need an emergency delivery, don’t worry – just give us a call at any time, we always ensure we have somebody on hand to answer the phone 365 days a year.

How to order gas oil from us

To place an order or to get a competitive quote based on your own requirements, contact us on 0330 123 1144 and our gas oil team will be happy to help. We’ll need to know how much oil you need and where in the country you’re located so we can give you an accurate price.

We can deliver your oil within 24-48 hours using our standard delivery, but if you require your delivery much sooner, let our team know that your order is urgent, as we can also organise a same-day delivery so you won’t have to wait.

What is gas oil?

Gas oil, also known as red diesel is a distillate of crude oil produced through a refining process wherein crude oil goes through the distillation process to create a range of fuels, one which we know as gas oil, or diesel. Red dye is added to gas oil to signify its tax status, and to limit its use outside of strictly approved customs regulations.

Gas oil is a rebated fuel which means it has a reduced rate of excise duty (effectively 11.14ppl). Red diesel duty has changed for many sectors that have lost their red diesel eligibility after 1st April 2022. The change in eligibility has been introduced to help encourage the adoption of cleaner alternatives. Read more on this in our article: Red Diesel Eligibility: 2020 Budget Taxation Changes.

When can gas oil be used?

Gas oil has many uses, including:

  • Rail transport
  • Community amateur sports clubs and golf courses
  • Sailing, boating and marine transport (excluding private pleasure craft in Northern Ireland)
  • Travelling fairs and circuses
  • Fuel used for non-commercial purposes – electricity generation and heating
  • Agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry

Is gas oil the same as red diesel?

Yes, gas oil is just another name for red diesel. Depending on what industry you work in, or what part of the UK you may hear it referred to as “red diesel”, “gas oil”, “rebated fuel”, “generator fuel”, “Class D Liquid fuel”, “cherry red” or sometimes even “35-second oil” – a term coined by how long it takes for 50ml of the fuel to flow through a viscometer. This is a measurement of the viscosity (thickness) of the fuel with the higher seconds representing a thicker viscosity.

Gas oil alternatives

We have a range of tankers suitable for large and small deliveries. In a difficult-to-reach area? No problem! Our “baby” tankers are specially designed to get up those winding roads and out of areas. We also have 36,000-litre tankers for the efficient delivery of bulk orders.

Due to our vast network of depots and tankers, we are able to deliver any quantity you may need with minimal notice, anywhere in the UK.

In addition, we offer a range of fuels and services designed to lower your carbon emissions and your costs:

Carbon offset red diesel:  This is the same as regular gas oil or red diesel but can help to reduce your carbon footprint. A percentage of the cost is used to fund environmental projects such as reforestation, renewable energy initiatives, pollution control and wildlife conservation projects, thereby offsetting the carbon released by the fuel.

HVO fuel: This is a drop-in replacement for gas oil/diesel which is made entirely from 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials. It has up to a 10-year shelf life, meaning it needs less testing and is ideal for backup fuel storage and generator backup fuel. HVO also reduces up to 90% net CO2 emissions and significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and particulate matter.

Industrial heating oil (IHO): A suitable replacement for diesel in many cases but only for heating-specific commercial and industrial use cases. If you’re using diesel for heat generation, this fuel could be more cost-effective in the long term.

Fuel management services By monitoring your fuel levels remotely and automatically delivering fuel when it’s needed, we take away the hassle of regularly ordering essential fuel, allowing you to spend your time on more important tasks.

Order gas oil now for delivery anywhere in the UK

If you’d like to learn more or looking to place an order for gas oil, you can call our fuel experts today on 0330 123 1144 to discuss your requirements and request a quote.

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Free Online Quote

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