Industrial Heating Oil Guide

Running out of industrial heating oil can harm your business’s operations. Understanding how industrial heating oil (IHO) works will ensure your fuel supplies don’t diminish and are stored to a high standard. In this guide, we’ll take you through the details of industrial heating oil, what it will do for your business, and if the switch is right for you.

This guide provides insight into the industrial healing oil we provide and if you have any additional questions, please contact our team at 0330 123 1144.

This oil is not to be used as fuel for a road vehicle, off-road vehicle, vessel or any other machinery that is not an excepted machine.

What is industrial heating oil?

Industrial heating oil, also known as IHO, is a liquid fuel that is specifically designed for use within commercial oil-fired boilers. It is a cost-effective and clean-burning kerosene, which enables businesses to heat their buildings while potentially saving money on bills.

The calorific burning value is on par with that of diesel, which means the energy produced from this kerosene fuel is the same or even better. Not only will the switch to industrial heating oil provide the same amount of energy, but our IHO will not require modifications for your commercial boilers, dryers, or furnaces as the IHO is fully miscible with diesel.

Additionally, with a low pour point of -25°C, we don’t need to create two IHO variants for the change in seasons as there is little chance of our oil freezing in your tank. We can also control the components we put into our IHO, which guarantees that everything is quality-assured before blending.

The additives we blend with our IHO ensure that the reduced sulphur levels don’t cause issues with your machinery being lubricated, providing improved performance. Our IHO is quality-certified, as the additives within our oil will help keep your tanks protected and storage lines clean. This keeps burner deposits to a minimum.

We can also deliver IHO to anywhere in the UK – with our nationwide service we can have your order with you within 24-48 hours.

How is industrial heating oil produced?

Industrial heating oil is derived from crude oil, through a refining process called fractional distillation. The process works by heating crude oil to high temperatures within a fractionating column, which results in a variety of distinct fuels. Fractional distillation is the separation of a mixture from its parts; in the case of industrial heating oil, it involves separating the crude oil from our industrial heating oil. This is done by heating the crude to over 400°C, transforming the oil into a gas. Once the gas rises through the column, the differing temperature zones separate each component. Industrial heating oil then falls into a specific range and is collected from its section.

What is industrial heating oil used for?

Industrial heating oil is used in a variety of businesses and organisations. One of the main uses for IHO is heating large spaces such as factories, schools or hospitals. Heating such large, often cold and open spaces can become very expensive, which is why using industrial heating oil is a good choice as it is more efficient than other options on the market.

IHO systems are well known for their reliability, which is why so many businesses take advantage as they provide heating throughout the day, keeping your business or organisation warm without additional costs. A modern heating system is designed to be efficient when burning IHO, which minimises waste whilst maximising the use of fuel.

Industrial heating boiler plants play a vital role in various industries, as the steam or hot water generated from the process can power a variety of machinery, including manufacturing plants, distilleries and farming equipment. This shows the importance of industrial heating oil within the UK, which is why we provide a fast delivery service to ensure your business doesn’t run out of the fuel that keeps it running.

Using IHO to heat farms, barns and greenhouses ensures perfect growing conditions for crops and provides warmth for livestock during the colder months of the year.

IHO vs diesel

If you’re currently using diesel in a commercial boiler, we recommend switching to our industrial heating oil to help reduce your costs. IHO and diesel are both liquid fuels but they have some key differences when it comes to their performance, cost and efficiency, such as:

PurposeCommercial HeatingEngine Fuel, Generators and Heaters
CostTypically CheaperMore Expensive
RegulationHeating ApplicationsRed diesel is no longer permitted for use in heating applications in several industries

White diesel is permitted though very expensive

EfficiencyHas more calorific valueSlightly less calorific value

As the table above shows, industrial heating oil is a cheaper and more efficient alternative to diesel within heating applications. However, the biggest benefit of our industrial heating is that it is compatible with BS2869 Class A2 10ppm & D 1000 pp. This makes it a direct drop-in replacement for your current diesel supply, with the same properties and calorific value, without the added cost. As our industrial heating oil has the same properties as diesel, you’ll be able to change your fuel without having to change or clean your tank.

Although our IHO is completely miscible with diesel we always recommend starting your IHO in a fresh and clean tank to ensure it is as efficient as possible.

What impact will IHO have on my business?

Switching your current fuel with industrial heating oil provides a range of benefits for your business, including added peace of mind that you can run your business without additional stress over your fuel supply. We provide IHO to a range of business and organisation types, including schools, manufacturers and smaller businesses, and we understand the need for a fast and reliable delivery service.

Everyday costs are a major concern for most organisations, and your fuel supply is a key component of your business’ continued operations. Ensuring your supply is not just reliable but also affordable is key for your operations. Beesley Fuels’ IHO is generally cheaper than white diesel due to lower government taxes in the UK, making it a good choice for businesses of all sizes looking to reduce spending.

Due to recent government changes to red diesel laws which have resulted in the fuel no longer being permitted for commercial heating use, businesses are increasingly turning to cheaper alternatives such as industrial heating oil.

Having a well-run business will not only provide a better work environment but will also improve productivity. Our IHO tends to provide slightly improved efficiency when compared to gas oil, giving you a similar heat output but for much less money. Due to IHO being a drop-in replacement for diesel in commercial heating applications, you won’t need to have your tank(s)cleaned before having it added to your fuel supply. However, most of our customers do have a tank clean before making the switch to ensure they reap the full benefits of IHO.

IHO is a winter-grade fuel with a long shelf life, allowing you to stockpile without the fear of your fuel degrading over time. This also helps with costs as it means you only need one source of industrial heating oil rather than seasonal variants.

What to consider before buying industrial heating oil:

Before purchasing industrial heating oil, you should consider the type of business or organisation you run and whether this fuel type is right for you. If your business heating applications run on diesel, then there is little to ponder as our industrial heating oil is a direct replacement, specifically for heating and not within vehicles.

If you’re a new business owner or you haven’t relied upon liquid fuels before, it’s important to consider the upfront cost of a storage tank installation. Also, industrial heating oil needs storage tanks that meet storage tank safety regulations. Beesley Fuels specialises in the installation of a range of storage tanks perfectly suited for IHO, ensuring your switch to commercial heating fuel is seamless. Our experts can also help advise on the correct quantities for your business through your account manager, who can provide a free fuel management top-up service.

Before acquiring your heating fuel, you should ensure that your fuel supplier can provide you with sufficient quantities, at a competitive price with quick delivery. Luckily for you, we pride ourselves on all three – with Beesley Fuels, you are never too far away, as we deliver our range of fuels nationwide.

The price of heating oil changes daily due to several external factors including location, supply and demand. If you’re looking for a competitive price on your IHO you should give us a call today on 0330 123 1144 and our expert team will be able to help.

Industrial Heating Oil FAQs

Can I use IHO for engine fuel?

No, you can’t use industrial heating oil to fuel your vehicles. IHO is to be used specifically within commercial heating applications only.

What is crude oil?

Crude oil is a naturally occurring viscous black fluid, which is made up of complex organic hydrocarbons, that have been formed by living matter that existed many millions of years ago. While black oil can be found at the surface level, crude oil is usually taken by drilling for oil in the ground, in wells or by oil rigs located in the sea.

Most of the crude oil is drilled from oil fields across the Middle East, and in Saudi Arabia in particular which are the leading global producers of crude oil.

The UK imports large amounts of crude oil which are mostly imported from Norway, which supplies around 40% of the UK’s crude oil. The US supplies around 26% of the UK’s crude oil, other countries the UK imports fuel from include Algeria, Nigeria and the aforementioned Saudi Arabia.

Does heating oil have other names?

Industrial heating oil goes by a variety of names including the following:

  • IHO
  • Fuel Oil
  • 28-Second Heating Oil
  • Kerosene
  • Paraffin

Can heating oil freeze?

Industrial heating oil will not “freeze” should temperatures drop to below freezing. The liquid will, however, turn into a thick sludge in extreme temperatures but as the UK’s winters rarely get this cold, your fuels are likely safe.

Simply call us today on 0330 123 1144 to speak to our team of fuel experts and place your order for industrial heating oil now.

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