Oil Tank Telemetry Monitoring Solutions

Fuels, oils and lubricants keep your business running, whether you’re using fuels for your vehicles, or oils and lubricants for your machinery. Ensuring your business doesn’t run out of the materials it relies on is why it’s important to keep track of your business’s supply levels. In this guide, we will teach you the importance of a tank telemetry system and why your business needs one.

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What is a tank telemetry system?

Sensors are placed inside your tank which can use various methods to measure the level of liquid fuel within your tank. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will take care of all aspects of your stored fuel, including arranging a delivery when your fuel levels drop. You will also have access to a personalised dashboard, giving you clear visibility of your fuel supply, having this data at your disposal for your oil supply will benefit you in several ways.

How does it work?

A tank telemetry system offers a range of benefits including the data it can provide you on your oil and fuel usage. Although you will have a tank monitor fitted you should still regularly check your oil tank to ensure your stored oils and fuels are not contaminated amongst other issues that can occur within oil tanks. A tank telemetry system can help in other ways which we have outlined below.

Real-time monitoring

With our oil tank telemetry system, you’re able to have daily fuel updates on the amount of oil your system has remaining. Not only will this ensure your system is constantly filled, but it will also provide reassurance that your system is protected against fuel theft.

Improved efficiency

Regularly checking your tank’s level isn’t time-efficient, especially in a busy business environment. Having our tank telemetry system will provide you with all of the information you need to ensure your fuel usage doesn’t stop your business from running.

Proactive leak detection

A leak in your tank can be detrimental to business; left undiscovered, it can cause serious issues both for your site and the surrounding environment. With a telemetry system in place, you’ll be able to discover a leak much sooner, which would display as a ‘rapid fall’ in your supply. However, you will only be notified daily on your oil usage, so to protect from thieves you will need a bund alarm or a leak detection system on your oil lines.

Enhance security

Businesses are often the target of criminals who are looking to get their hands on your fuel. Our system will prevent your business from being a target as you’ll be alerted to any unauthorised dips in your fuel tank. Fuel theft prevention is a must for business owners who store large quantities of fuel on-site.

Cost savings

As we can provide data to help you improve the efficiency of your fuel usage, you’ll save money as the chances of needing an emergency delivery will be reduced. You’ll instead be alerted when fuel levels drop below a pre-agreed amount so you can top up your tanks in plenty of time. Our system will provide typically one reading per day to keep you on top of your supply levels.

Data-driven decisions

Making decisions based on real-time data will ensure your company is never left behind when it comes to fuel usage.

Remote management

There is no need to be on-site when you monitor the usage of your fuel as you’re most likely doing now. With a monitoring system like ours, you can monitor your usage with the click of a button, no matter where you are.

Dedicated account management

We will manage your fuel levels with a management contract or you can take control yourselves, though this will mean you are charged or your sensor and fitting. Your dedicated account management will notify you when your fuel levels drop below a pre-agreed threshold, so delivery can be arranged or even better set up an automated top-up with us.

Which industries use tank telemetry?

There are plenty of industries that should invest in tank telemetry systems to ensure that their businesses’ fuel supply is always running smoothly, including:

Agriculture – Farms rely on oil to ensure their machinery and vehicles are always ready daily, so our telemetry system will provide the much-needed information to prevent your farm from unexpectedly running out of fuel.

Manufacturing – Factories will often have multiple oil tanks to ensure their equipment can operate uninterrupted during operating hours, so ensuring continuity of supply with telemetry is a must.

Transport and logistics – Companies with a fleet of vehicles will undoubtedly rely on fuel tankers, making telemetry essential to the smooth running of your fleets.

Retail and hospitality – Backup generators are often used in retail and hospitality industries, and our system will prevent your supplies from running too low. In our NHS, healthcare and data centres, this is vital to ensure the support is needed around the clock.

What will the tank telemetry sensors monitor?

Beesley Fuels’ tank monitoring will keep track of a range of important measurements to ensure your fuel supply doesn’t fall too low. Your telemetry sensors can be installed depending on your needs, so depending on the data you want we can provide you information based on the requirements you want for your tank will determine what can be measured, so we can adapt your system to suit your needs. For example:

  • Fuel levels
  • Temperature
  • Tank access
  • Consumption data
  • Usage data and projected fuel shortage date
  • Low-level alerts
  • Leak alerts

Our tank telemetry systems are customisable to suit your needs, so we can provide you with the data you need to help keep your business running.

I need oil tank telemetry, can I install it myself?

While you could essentially install your telemetry system yourself, we recommend ensuring a qualified fuel tank engineer fits your new system. Poorly fitted systems can damage your tank and leave your fuels at risk of contamination, which is why we’d always recommend that your telemetry be installed by a professional.

Our engineers are highly trained, experienced and aware of all legislation that needs to be adhered to, ensuring your system is managed properly. Having a fully qualified engineer install your telemetry system is always the best option.

Benefits of Beesley Fuels’ oil tank telemetry

  • Account manager dedicated to your business’ fuel needs
  • Never run out of fuel unexpectedly
  • Efficiency improved across your business
  • Allows for stockpiling
  • Provides daily usage data

Why use Beesley for oil tank monitoring?

Why not give our fuel experts a call on 0330 123 1144? We can help you with the installation of a telemetry system that will provide you with everything you need for your fuel usage. Call today and discuss your requirements with us.

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