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6 Benefits of Becoming a Sustainable Business

Over the last 10 years, sustainability has become more than just a fad or a buzz word. Putting your green commitments at the heart of strategic business plans and incorporating them into your business objectives provides real benefits, from the…Read more

Oil Tank Guide: An Essential Guide to Fuel Tanks

All oil tank owners have a legal duty to ensure your stored fuel is safe and secure. This guide is a must for anyone who’s recently had a tank installed, moved into a property with an existing oil tank or…Read more

Red Diesel Eligibility: 2020 Budget Changes

The government has proposed a change in red diesel eligibility which will restrict the use of red diesel in most sectors from 1 April 2022. The UK is serious about tackling climate change. It is paving the way to a…Read more

Kerosene Facts

Kerosene consumption greatly increases as the cold weather draws in, mostly to provide heat and warmth in domestic and commercial buildings. As a UK leading fuel supplier, kerosene is one of our most popular products. To ensure you have a…Read more

Prevent Diesel Fuel Gelling Problems in Winter

As well as looking after yourself in the cold weather, your diesel fuel needs some consideration to help avoid gelling problems. In freezing temperatures, what ought to be the lifeblood of your business can instead clog your engines, cause stop-starting…Read more

Kerosene and Paraffin: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been looking for heating oil, you might have heard the terms kerosene and paraffin. Although very similar products, kerosene and paraffin work well in different applications, so keeping these distinctions in mind will help you fully understand which…Read more

Fuel Cost Savings

The severity of the Coronavirus pandemic has begun to take its toll on large and small businesses. As a result, businesses are looking at fuel cost savings to reduce risk to uphold profitability and production. Lubricants The importance of using…Read more

Microbial Fuel Contamination: Symptoms, Causes & How To Fix

Microbial fuel contamination is unfortunately common when storing red diesel (gas oil), white diesel (DERV), biodiesel and heating oil (kerosene). More often than not, when our customers purchase fuel, they keep it in storage and then forget about it until…Read more

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