Expert Advice to Prevent Fuel Theft Onsite

Why is fuel theft increasing?

The recent red diesel tax changes have left an enduring impact on many sectors, from the vast duty increase to a rise in fuel theft.

The absence of the red marker paired with progressively higher costs means that white diesel and other accepted fuels are now much more appealing to thieves.

Construction sites are often targeted during the winter as the longer dark nights provide the perfect opportunity to carry out their crime and go unnoticed.

Thieves will often use basic techniques such as siphoning away the fuel using a tube, however more sophisticated techniques are more commonly being reported, including using pumping systems to speed up and allow larger amounts of fuel to be removed from tanks.

To help deter thieves, our experts have put together some handy hints to help you keep your fuels safe and secure.

Consider your tank’s location

Locating your fuel tank close to a road, path, drive or alleyway makes it a much easier target. We recommend having it installed in close proximity to your work premises or home. This often reduces the likelihood of a criminal taking a risk.

Install additional security features

Invest in additional security features such as locks, fobs and key codes, as well as motion triggered lighting, sensor cameras, smart alarm systems and regular security patrols.

Security lighting will mask your storage tank in bright light, allowing you to easily spot a thief in action so you can call for help, or even better, it may deter thieves altogether.

Keep it secured

Ensure your site is well-secured, such as restricting access to authorised personnel only, with signage in place and parameters regularly maintained.

Our experts also recommend installing strong perimeter fencing or a security cage which will make it much more difficult for an opportunist thief to succeed.

Invest in telemetry

Telemetry fuel systems are an excellent way to detect any sudden changes in fuel levels. Sensors can be fitted to bulk storage tanks, allowing remote fuel monitoring and real-time reporting. They will generate automatic alerts in the event of fuel levels dropping which may indicate a theft or leak.

Use an anti-theft marker

Diesel Secure is an anti-theft marker dye that can be added to UK non-rebated fuel to deter thieves. It contains Dyeguard 673KNF technology which has been notified to HMRC with a technical report of compliance to satisfy Regulation 14(3) of the Hydrocarbon Oil (marketing) Regulations 2002.

Fuel security is quickly becoming a business priority for diesel-dependent businesses. Our experts are on hand to ensure your system is secure, simply call us today on 0330 123 1144.

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