Fuel Cost Savings – How to Keep Fuel-Related Costs Low

The severity of the Coronavirus pandemic has begun to take its toll on large and small businesses. As a result, businesses are looking at fuel cost savings to reduce risk to uphold profitability and production.


The importance of using quality lubricants and oils is second to none, providing your business with vast savings on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) spending.

As machinery and equipment become more sophisticated, there is an increasing requirement for high power at low speeds and as a result, the requirements to conform to the latest regulations are becoming increasingly complex.

High-quality lubricants bring substantial savings to business by improving productivity and reducing costs, providing they are made and used to suit the exact specifications for the application.

As businesses look for ways to reduce costs, it’s crucial that lubricants and oils don’t face the cut. For every penny you save on choosing low quality, cheap oil, the reactive maintenance costs will always outdo your initial savings.

fuel cost savings

Poor quality lubricants will:

  • Increase energy consumption
  • Lead to unplanned downtime
  • Cause regular filter changes
  • Result in labour costs to change oils

Choosing a reliable and trusted lubricant supplier is paramount to keeping your business afloat and your costs low.

Bulk Orders

If your business uses a lot of fuel, you’ll know the time and effort that goes into finding the best price. To save you the hassle and inconvenience, why not buy your fuel in bulk?

Ordering fuel in larger quantities reduces not just the administration costs but the delivery costs too by condensing your fuel into less frequent large orders. The benefits derived from bulk buying improves business productivity and leads to savings that can be passed onto your customers.

Moreover, ordering in bulk reduces the price per litre, leading to significant fuel cost savings.

  • Red diesel
  • HVO fuel
  • White diesel
  • Kerosene
  • AdBlue
  • Industrial heating oil

We have a range of tanks on offer to cater for your bulk fuel and oil needs, ensuring safe and environmentally-friendly storage at all times.

fuel cost savings

Fuel Sampling

Fuel sampling is the only way to directly uncover any problems with your fuel system to avoid a sudden and unplanned shutdown of your operations.

Incorporating regular sampling into a proactive fuel maintenance programme means you can reduce the risk of expensive repairs and unwelcome downtime, offering significant savings compared to a reactive programme.

Tank Telemetry

At one time, keeping track of fuel and contamination levels required manual monitoring of tanks. But luckily, things have moved on, and that can all be done via a tank telemetry system.

Tank telemetry systems give you total control over your fuel levels and quality. Gaining improved visibility over key fuel indicators allows you to optimise stock management and arrange deliveries in line with your usage across multiple sites, reducing administrative and logistical costs.

fuel cost savings

Fuel Management

All Beesley Fuels’ customers are eligible to come on board to our free fuel management service where you’ll be assigned an account manager who will work with you to ensure your fuel tank is topped up before levels drop dangerously low.

They will always look to get you the best possible price for your fuel, bringing fuel cost savings and reducing the inconvenience of running your tanks dry.

HVO Fuel

While Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO fuel) requires a larger upfront cost, it avoids the supply and demand swings that regular diesel faces, making it a much more cost-stable fuel. What’s more, HVO fuel contains zero sulphur and FAME and therefore avoids the risk of microbial and water contamination like regular diesel. This reduces the need for regular testing and large costs to replace contaminated fuel stocks.

As the UK recovers from the first wave of Coronavirus, there is no better time to improve your business’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With up to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, HVO is the perfect solution to the harmful effects of diesel.

In addition, HVO currently carries the same excise duty rates as diesel so there’s hope that the UK government will encourage uptake by distinguishing the duty rate and helping to support the newly announced Green Transport Revolution.

To start reducing fuel-related costs in your business, get in touch today on 0330 123 1144.

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