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Kerosene and Paraffin: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been looking for heating oil, you might have heard the terms kerosene and paraffin. Although very similar products, kerosene and paraffin work well in different applications, so keeping these distinctions in mind will help you fully understand which…Read more

Fuel Cost Savings – How to Keep Fuel-Related Costs Low

The severity of the Coronavirus pandemic has begun to take its toll on large and small businesses. As a result, businesses are looking at fuel cost savings to reduce risk to uphold profitability and production. Lubricants The importance of using…Read more

Microbial Fuel Contamination: Symptoms, Causes & How To Fix

Microbial fuel contamination is unfortunately common when storing red diesel (gas oil), white diesel (DERV), biodiesel and heating oil (kerosene). More often than not, when our customers purchase fuel, they keep it in storage and then forget about it until…Read more

Fuel Bowser Regulations: Updated (2021)

This article covers the newly-enforced ADR road carriage requirements for mobile fuel bowsers to ensure your oil transportation equipment is compliant. The updated regulations for fuel bowsers These aren’t exactly new rules: the 15-year transitional period, which temporarily allowed the…Read more

Beesley Fuels Joins Forces with Crown Oil Group

We’re over the moon to announce that Beesley Fuels has just recently been bought by Crown Oil Ltd. This has enabled us to not only create a brand new website but also improve and expand our services. How will this…Read more

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