Industrial Gear and Engineering Oils

At Beesley Fuels, we supply an extensive range of lubricants for industrial gearbox and engineering applications.

When choosing the right lubricant or oil for your business, there are a number of factors that will affect your decision-making such as the necessary viscosity, load capacity and wear protection. If you don’t choose the best lubricant for your machinery’s needs, it could affect performance, maintenance costs and the lifespan of your equipment

What engineering and gear oils do we supply?

Slideway 32-320

Slideway 32-320 is manufactured from highly refined mineral oil base stocks and compounded with multifunctional additives to provide all of the requirements necessary for gearboxes, slideways, hydraulic systems and general lubrication of machine parts.

The additive package minimises dripping of the oil, eliminates stick-slip on machine tool slideways, exhibits extreme pressure performance to provide high load carrying capability and minimises wear. In addition, these oils can be used to lubricate conveyor chains and chainsaw blades.

Heat transfer oil

A high-quality mineral oil based thermal fluid, for primary use in closed liquid-phase heating systems that incorporate both heating and cooling branches.

The application limits of heat transfer oils depend firstly on circulating speed, and secondly on the temperature in closed circuit systems. Before checking and testing your equipment under its design conditions, the heat transfer system should be pressure tested for leaks and then thoroughly flushed with heat transfer oil, before filling with fresh heat transfer oil.

Quenching oil

This is a high quality non-additive oil with good inherent oxidation stability and carefully chosen viscosity to suit all general-purpose quench oil applications.

Benefits of quenching oil

  • Fast uniformed quench rates
  • Outstanding oxidation stability
  • Low fuming properties

Transformer oil

Developed and formulated to deliver solid resistance to oil degradation, transformer oil provides good oxidation stability thanks to its natural inhibitors. This increases the possibilities for a longer transformer life with less maintenance.

Our transformer oil meets IEC 60296:2012 and has been designed for heavy duty use in power and distribution transformers, rectifiers, circuit breakers and switchgears. With a low viscosity, it offers, heat transfer characteristics that make it suitable for high temperature applications.

Spark erosion fluid

Spark erosion fluid is a specially selected distillate for use as a multipurpose electro-discharge machining fluid. For rough and final machining of medium sized or large parts and for finishing of parts with a complex profile or which require high precision.

Benefits of spark erosion fluid

  • Low aromatic content
  • Low odour/fuming
  • High metal removal rates
  • Low electrode wear
  • High resistance to oxidation
  • Non-toxic

Turbine oil

Turbine oil is formulated to provide lubrication for turbine power generators, turbine oil can be used in associated gear boxes, bearings and control systems. The highly refined base oils used in the formulation contribute to the excellent product demulsibility and low foaming tendency.

Mould oil

A premium blend of highly refined mineral oils with chemical release additives, formulated for use as a general-purpose release agent on a wide variety of concrete pre-cast and moulding operations. Suitable for general purpose wet cast work on mould and formwork materials including certain types of thermoplastic mould liners.

Food Safe Chain & Gear Oils 320, 460

Fully-synthetic food-grade oils with characteristics that are designed for ISO 320 & 460 gearbox systems where it’s required to be food safe.

Food Safe Chain & Gear Oils 680, 1000

Fully-synthetic food-grade oils with characteristics that are designed for ISO 680 & 100 gearbox systems where it’s required to be food safe. These oils can also be used as chain oils up to 240°C.

Over 5,000 lubricants, oils and greases to choose from

We’re sure to have the right lubricant or oil for your business requirements. From worldwide branded lubricants to in-house custom blends tailored to your individual requirements, we’ve got over 5,000 lubricants, oils and greases for you to choose from.

Call 0330 123 1144 today to discuss your requirements with a member of our lubricants team.

Why choose lubricants from Beesley Fuels?

  • We have a range of quantities available including 25-litre tubs, 205-litre barrels, or even bulk supplies of up to 36,000 litres
  • Over 50 years of experience working with farms across the UK
  • Our in-house team of experts can provide specialist knowledge and one-to-one support
  • Globally recognised brands and in-house technical chemists that can custom blend products to suit your needs
  • Same day and next day deliveries nationwide in the event of an emergency
  • Streamline your fuel supplies – we can be your one-stop-shop for fuel, lubricants AdBlue and fuel maintenance

Does it matter which industrial oil you use in your system?

Yes! Choosing the right engineering or gear oil for your equipment is essential to improving efficiency and extending your machinery’s lifespan. Each industrial oil varies in their characteristics making them better suited to different use cases. Using the wrong oil will also lead to increased maintenance costs, unwanted downtime and unnecessary corrosion of your equipment.

If you’re unsure that the oil you’re using is right for you, call our lubricants team today on 0330 123 1144 and we’ll be able to find the best lubricant for your equipment and intended application.

See if your oils are up to standard with our lubricant health checks

Oils or lubricants not fit for purpose can affect the performance of your machinery, reduce their lifespan and diminish their output. We offer both standard and premium lubricant health checks to help you determine the condition of your machinery’s oils and if they’re affecting efficiency– we’ll also make actionable recommendations if your oils receive a caution or serious health rating.

Call 0330 123 1144 to speak to a member of our team and book a lubricant health check today.

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