Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

Before you buy red diesel to heat your business, you could save money with IHO

Industrial Heating Oil (IHO) can be used as a drop-in replacement for any red diesel (gas oil) used to generate heat at a fraction of the cost. So, it’s a great way to heat your industrial buildings, whilst saving money. It’s specifically intended for use in commercial boilers to generate heat and is a fully rebated product (nil excise duty). As such, it’s strictly prohibited for use in any vehicles, on or off road, as well as any other mobile and static engines.

It has almost identical calorific value to gas oil/red diesel meaning you generate as much energy using IHO as you would using gas oil, with no modifications needed to your system to make the switch.

Benefits of Beesley Fuels’ IHO

  • Conforms to Gas Oil Class D Spec (BS289)
  • No burner modifications required
  • Contains additives that clean your fuel system
  • Prevents deposits and protects against corrosion
  • Can be mixed with gas oil
  • No chance of IHO freezing in the tank
  • FAME/biodiesel free
  • Reduces harmful emissions

Who uses Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)?

As the name implies, IHO is used to generate heat within large, industrial buildings rather than being used as a home heating oil.

Use of IHO is prolific in hospitals, schools, factories, hotels and warehouses to name but a few and Beesley Fuels supplies many of these industries on an ongoing basis.

We understand that not all IHO is created equal. Other versions of IHO have been trialled by other organisations across the industry. The results have often had a negative impact on the boiler systems they have been used in, ranging from clogging lines, sludge in tanks and soot in boilers.

However, our extensive research and development means we have created an IHO which is risk-free and a superb alternative to gas oil.

If you would like to learn more about our Industrial Heating Oil, you can give our friendly team a call today on 0121 552 7766.

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