Kleenburn Kerosene

Premium kerosene is an environmentally-friendly alternative to regular kerosene

Kleenburn Kerosene is a premium kerosene (heating oil) product that helps to keep your oil-fired boiler and fuel tank clean while increasing the reliability, performance, efficiency and lifetime of your heating system.

It meets BS2869 Class C2 standards and has been specifically designed to improve oil-fired boiler efficiency. The clean-burning heating oil helps to reduce any common problems that occur in boiler systems. This means you’ll decrease your fuel consumption resulting in less CO2 being released into the atmosphere and lower heating costs.

Please note that Kleenburn Kerosene is a fully rebated product and must only be used for heating.

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Kleenburn Kerosene benefits

  • Reduces fuel usage by up to 10%, helping to cut your overall bills
  • Burns less fuel, cutting your CO2 emissions
  • Fragranced enhanced to eliminate odours
  • Helps to keep your boiler clean with reduced sludge build-up
  • Drop-in replacement for regular kerosene/heating oil
  • Increases boiler reliability

Why switch to our premium kerosene – Kleenburn?

You’ll have a cleaner boiler

With regular heating oil, carbon residue and sludge can build up in your tank and boiler, blocking burners, pipes and filters, and reducing the efficiency of your boiler.

With Kleenburn Kerosene, there is a reduced risk of maintenance issues and breakdowns as it contains active ingredients that help to tackle this sludge and carbon matter.

You’ll be doing your bit for the planet

With lower carbon build-up, your boiler burns less fuel and produces less CO2 emissions. That’s because your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain temperature. Additives which break down sludge and other deposits into smaller more manageable particles allow the fuel to pass through and burn more efficiently.

You’ll experience lower heating costs

Kleenburn Kerosene ages more slowly compared to regular heating oil. This means you’ll need to place orders less frequently and also reduces the risk of it degrading in storage, providing good storage conditions.

Plus, by burning oil more efficiently and reducing the risk of boiler breakdowns, you’ll benefit from both short and long-term savings.

Why choose Beesley Fuels for Kleenburn Kerosene?

  • Locally-based team ready to deliver your heating oil
  • One-to-one support via account manager
  • 24/7 emergency supplies
  • Free fuel management service
  • Range of heating oil tanks

Ready to discuss your Kleenburn Kerosene requirements with one of our kerosene experts? Simply call us today on 0330 123 1144 to learn more and request a quote.

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