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Latest Red Diesel Price for May 22, 2024

If you need the latest red diesel price for today, speak to one of our team who can assist you. Our red diesel price changes constantly to ensure we’re giving you the best price available at any given time.

What affects the price of red diesel?

  • Your location in relation to our nearest depot
  • The quantity of red diesel you require
  • VAT rates/Fuel tax
  • Crude oil prices
  • Refining costs
  • The weather
  • Price fluctuations in the oil market

How does location affect red diesel prices?

We pre-plan our deliveries to ensure we can plot the most efficient routes for our tankers. This helps us keep our costs down while providing you with outstanding service and delivery times you can count on. If you need an emergency delivery, it’ll cost more than if you require a next-day or same-week delivery.

How does the order quantity affect red diesel price?

If you need a 205-litre barrel of red diesel, we will charge you what we call a “barrel rate”, whereas if you are able to order 500-litres or more we can come and fill your tank at a lower cost per litre than the barrel rate. Generally, the larger the order, the better we can price it at.

How does VAT affect the red diesel price?

The current VAT set by the government on red diesel is 5% up to 2,300 litres. This means if you order above this amount we will need to apply the full VAT amount of 20%. You may be able to claim this back if you are eligible for fuel duty relief.

We need to know what quantity you require so we can apply the correct amount of VAT.

A small % of the cost of your fuel is also made up of excise duty. This is currently set at 0.114 pence per litre since 23rd March 2009 but we advise checking with the gov website for up to date information on this.

How do crude oil prices affect the price I’ll pay?

Crude oil is a crucial part of the process required to create red diesel (as well as other fuels) – it is the raw product which red diesel is derived from so inherently the price of crude oil will affect the price of red diesel.

Below is a graph to show WTI crude oil prices over the past 70 years adjusted for inflation. Source: Macrotrends

Crude Oil Historical Prices (Affecting Red Diesel Price Per Litre)

Below is a graph for Brent Crude Oil which is sourced from over 15 locations in the North Sea. The price of Brent Crude can be a factor in what you will pay for red diesel and other fuels derived from Crude Oil. Source: Brent Crude Oil Prices – 10 Year Daily Chart

Brent Crude Oil Prices

Other factors that can influence the price

Other factors can affect the price of red diesel too. For example, the oil market itself is highly dependant on the supply and demand of crude oil on the global market. Other factors include the weather, seasonality, refinement costs, or even conflict in countries that can produce oil can have a knock-on effect on the price the end-user has to pay.

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We will ensure we quote you the most up to date price per litre for our fuel. For reference, we always quote a price per litre. If you want the price per gallon. a UK Gallon is around 4.54 litres. Simply fill our form and we’ll get back to you right away, or for a more immediate response, drop us a call on 0330 123 1144.

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