Fuel Polishing

Do you get your fuel regularly checked and tested?

Without regular testing, your fuel could be in danger of becoming contaminated, thus rendering it unfit for purpose. No matter where you are on UK mainland, we can test it for you.

Almost a quarter of business generator failures are down to a contaminated fuel supply so it’s very important to keep tanks and fuel supplies in a good condition.

Whether your storage tank is bought directly from Beesley Fuels, or purchased from another supplier, it’s inevitable that over time, contaminants will enter your fuel system and impair its. Fuel that is left in storage will collect unwanted debris and pollutants, such as water from tank condensation, sediment and bacteria.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace your old fuel with new. Fuel can be a big expense for any business, so we want to be able to help you protect your investment. We have an expert team on hand who can come to your storage facility and restore your fuel on-site via fuel polishing.

What is fuel polishing?

Fuel polishing should be one of the most important considerations for anybody storing their own fuel. Without a good quality supply, quality can deteriorate quickly. Fuel polishing is essentially the process of cleaning your fuel to return it to an optimum condition. This ensures that impurities are not able to damage your system by progressing further through the engines and machinery powered by your fuel.

Before any remedial work is carried out on your fuel, our expert technicians and chemists will take a sample of the fuel in your tank. We will then determine its quality and advise you on the most suitable course of action. Our aim is always to ensure your on-site fuel supply is returned and maintained at the highest quality.

Once the best course of action has been decided for your fuel, we will visit your site with a polishing unit to carry out the cleaning process. The fuel remains in-situ and is passed through the unit where it is cleaned, purified and returned to your tank all in one motion.

The polishing unit filters any sediment from your fuel and separates any water which may have found its way into your fuel. It also completely eliminates harmful bacteria. The end result of this remedial work is a fuel supply that is completely restored and repaired.

Why do you need clean fuel?

It may seem strange at first, the idea of needing to clean fuel, but poor quality, contaminated fuel can cost you money in a variety of ways if left untreated:

  • Cross-contamination – contaminated fuel at the bottom of your tank will mix with any new oil added to your storage facility
  • Decreased efficiency – dirty fuel will gradually erode and damage your fuel supply system and subsequently do the same to any engines and machinery
  • Reliability issues – if you need your fuel in an emergency, you need to know it is of a high enough quality. If not, it will be useless as a back up source and your business will have no way of operating

Can all contaminated fuels be cleaned?

There is a limit to how effective fuel polishing can be and after conducting our tests, we will have a far better idea about how effective the remedial work will be.

Should we find that the fuel is too damaged to be effectively cleaned and brought back to good use, we recommend removing and replacing the waste fuel. We would strongly advise against keeping this fuel in your storage facility as it could cause catastrophic damage to your equipment.

If you do opt to remove and replace your waste fuel, our fuel uplift and removal service will ensure your waste fuel is safely and legally removed from your site. We can then optionally supply you with a new fresh batch of the highest quality fuel on the market.

For more information and to learn more about our fuel polishing services, get in touch with our fuel polishing experts by calling us today on 0121 552 7766.

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