Fuel Sampling Service

Protect your business with specialist fuel analysis and regular fuel testing

If you store fuel at your business premises, there’s a chance it can become contaminated with water, sediments or even bugs! This can create highly alkaline or acidic deposits which can impair the quality of your fuel, and eventually break your expensive equipment and machinery.

To ensure a UK industry leading fuel testing service, our highly qualified on-site scientists have all of the latest equipment to test your fuel at our on-site laboratory. Following analysis, you’ll receive a straightforward report with detailed analysis of your oil to ensure that you’re well informed and supported with anything you need.

If you would like to find out more, give our fuel experts a call today on 0330 123 1144.

What fuels and oils can Beesley Fuels test?

Fuels we can test and analyse include, but are not limited to:

Not on the list? To see if our lab can assist, give us a call on 0330 123 1144.

Is it important to test my fuel?

Testing your fuel is the only way to ensure it’s performing at its best. If you risk using fuels or oils for too long without assurance that they’re having no negative effects on your equipment, you run the risk of damaging your equipment. Or even worse, bringing operations to a stop.

The cost of repair is almost certainly higher than the cost of getting your fuel checked regularly. Let the experts help, simply call 0330 123 1144 today.

What we test for during our fuel analysis

Fuel Sampling

Not limited to, but included in our fuel testing services:

  • Correct viscosity (consistency) of your fuel
  • Particle examination
  • Microbial contaminants (bacteria, bugs)
  • Sulphur content
  • Water content
  • Petrol contamination
  • Excess metals found in oil
  • Furfuraldehyde analysis
  • PCB testing
  • Fibre estimation

The risk of fuel contamination

The risk of fuel contamination is higher than ever, and so is the necessity of fuel sampling services such as ours. But why? Well, an increase in “FAME” content in fuels coupled with the introduction of ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) means that there’s a larger risk of fuel contamination and corrosion of tanks.

Since the 90’s, the government has necessitated an overall 99.7% reduction in fuel sulphur content to reduce harmful emissions and pollution. Suplhur oxides are a particular threat to our health and environment, hence the increased use of ULSD in fuels.

However sulphur is not great for fuel applications as ULSD has a higher affinity to water than traditional diesel. This accelerates tank corrosion, and poses a risk to our engines and backup power systems.

Therefore, we have to take more care of our fuels to ensure they’re up to standard. If you have any concerns about your fuel, get in touch and we will advise you accordingly.

Additional fuel testing services

We offer free site surveys and fuel sampling to all businesses, limited to one survey per organisation. This is something to bear in mind while enquiring about any of our environmental services for the first time as it will provide visibility of which preventative maintenance services you need.

In addition to all of this, fuel users need to be aware that there are various bugs or common bacteria that can compromise the quality of your fuels, even in modern tanks. Our assessments cover all of these concerns. Simply call our fuel experts today on 0330 123 1144 to learn more and see how we could help you.

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