Fuel Uplift

Efficient and professional fuel removal service throughout the UK

Our fuel uplift service is for those who may be moving their fuel to another location or need their fuel supply removing altogether. Our uplift service is a safe, clean and effective way to transfer fuel without the risk of spillage and contamination.

Storing fuel on-site requires a level of commitment to ensure all equipment meets current safety regulations. If a fuel tank remains stagnant and unused for a prolonged period of time, it can become corroded and dangerous. The long-term storage of fuel can also cause the fuel to spoil, which in turn can damage your fuel supply storage system if left for long periods of time.

We would always advise you to consider our fuel polishing service in order to improve the quality of the fuel before refilling your new tank in order to bring it back into a usable state.

When left for prolonged periods, fuel can be so badly degraded that fuel polishing will not recover the fuel into a realistically suitable state to be used safely in your engines or machinery. In these cases, we can uplift the fuel and take it away for you, with the option of replacing the fuel at the same time to minimise disruption to your home or business. Ready to discuss your requirements and learn more about our fuel uplift service? Get in touch by calling 0121 552 7766 to learn more.

Need a new storage tank?

If your contaminated fuel needs to be removed, your tank may be the root of the problem. It is almost inevitable that fuel kept in storage will become contaminated over time (tank condensation, sediments, bacteria), but this risk can be significantly reduced by being stored in a quality tank with regular checks and precautions taken to look after your fuel.

Beesley Fuels can supply and fit a new storage tank, suitable for your requirements. We can also help with repairs to your existing tank should that be an option. Whatever your reason for requiring a fuel uplift service for your business or home get in touch on 0121 552 7766

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Free Online Quote

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