Tank foam filling

Tank foam filling is a cost-effective solution to safely decommission a fuel tank or store it for future use. Our engineers can handle the entire process from removing your fuel to foam filling your tank, all without disrupting your operations.

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Why use foam filling for your storage tank?

If your tank is no longer in use, it poses a risk to your local environment and the safety of your workers regardless of whether the tank has been cleaned. RG22 foam prevents the tank from re-gassing and stops hazardous emissions being released by absorbing hydrocarbons left inside the tank.

While there are other options such as concrete filling, foam filling is the most cost-effective, non-disruptive and flexible method thanks to the fact you can use your tank again in the future if needed.

Benefits of tank foam filling

Foam filling is perfect for businesses looking to decommission their fuel tank(s) safely or that may need to use their tanks again in the future. The benefits of foam filling include:

  • Cost-effective, durable and light
  • Environmentally friendly, rot-proof and non-combustible
  • No need to degas your tank beforehand
  • Easy installation process that doesn’t affect site operations
  • Foam completely fills tank to ensure there’s no build-up of gas
  • Non-toxic and protects the tank walls from corrosion
  • Tank can be used again in the future if needed

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How does tank foam filling work?

The foam filling process is easy and non-disruptive to your site’s operations. We’ll remove any remaining fuel through our uplift service, before injecting the foam through your tank’s hatch. The foam then absorbs all hydrocarbons, expands and hardens to completely fill the tank, reinforcing the tank’s internals and structural support You’ll then be issued a certificate of decommissioning and any fuel that’s removed can be transferred to another tank or if it’s no longer needed, we may buy it off you depending on its condition.

What are the differences between tank foam filling and concrete filling?

When concrete filling a fuel tank, the tank will be rendered unusable which means it’s often used for older fuel tanks that stay in the ground. However, foam filling enables you to use the fuel tank again in the future as the foam can be safely removed and after a clean, the tank can be put back into use. Foam filling can be used in all above/underground storage tanks and is great for tanks that may need to be used again in the future. If you need to remove the tank, the foam weighs only 25kg per 1,000 litres making the removal process much simpler and safer than a concrete filled tank.

In addition, concrete filling requires a tank to be degassed beforehand while foam filling does not, making foam filling a less time-consuming process. Foam filling also has a lower cost per cubic meter that makes it more cost-effective, especially for larger storage tanks. Concrete filling can also lead to a build-up of gas which can leave the tank in a potentially dangerous state to the environment whereas foam filling does not suffer from the same issue as the tank can be completely filled, preventing gas build-up.

For these reasons, foam filling is considered the most convenient, flexible and cost-effective option to decommission fuel tanks.

Can you remove the foam filled tank?

Yes! If you’d like us to remove your foam filled tank, our highly experienced and accredited engineers can safely remove the tank adhering to all relevant regulations and safety standards. As the tank is foam filled, the removal process is extremely quick and causes minimal disruption to your operations.

To learn more about our foam filling service or to discuss your requirements, call 0330 123 1144 and our experts will be on hand to assist.

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