Tank Lining Service

Avoid a costly tank replacement and extend the life of your fuel storage system with our industrial tank lining service. If your tank(s) are starting to age or are showing signs of damage, your first thought might be to replace it, but in many cases, your tank may be usable for years to come through the implementation of tank lining

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What is tank lining?

Tank lining, also known as a double wall system, involves coating an additional layer inside your fuel tank to prolong its life and prevent environmental harm. The double wall system improves the mechanical and chemical resistance so that you can continue to use your fuel tank for years to come.

Why use our tank lining service?

You have a legal duty to prevent fuel leaks and protect your environment, failing to do so can lead to hefty fines (imposed by the Environment Agency) and unwanted disruption to your operations. Leaks are often hard to detect until it’s too late, which is why businesses should carry out regular checks to ensure that your tanks remain compliant. If you notice signs of wear and tear, tank lining is a cost-effective and convenient option that can breathe new life into your fuel storage system.

Using fiberglass, polyester resin and some of the industry’s most innovative equipment, tank lining from Beesley Fuels restores tank integrity to ensure fuel storage remains compliant, conforming to UNE 53935, UNE 62422 and BS EN 13160 – 2016 standards. We also offer end to-end fuel management and exceptional planned preventative maintenance programmes with over 50 years of experience in the industry – developing unmatched knowledge and skills that can benefit businesses in all sectors across the UK.

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What are the advantages of tank lining?

  • Cost-effective solution by avoiding a full tank replacement
  • No need for projects, permits or building works – your tank will be transformed onsite
  • Works on any new/old, under/aboveground, fibre/steel tank
  • We can install a permanent leak detector within the double wall system
  • Prevents subsoil contamination in the event of a leak of defect

To learn more about the benefits or to book a double wall system for your storage tank, call 0330 123 1144 today.

What are the costs of tank lining?

As fuel tanks come in all shapes and sizes, there are not set prices for double wall systems, however tank lining is substantially cheaper than replacing a fuel tank (especially underground tanks) which is why businesses across the UK are opting to extend the lifespan of their fuel storage rather than replacing their tanks.

What’s the process of tank lining?

Our qualified engineers will perform a full site survey and assess your fuel storage to ensure environmental and public safety. We’ll then uplift your fuel before entering your tank to apply the double wall system. This is a much more convenient process than replacing a tank

Will I be able to use my fuel while tank lining is being carried out?

One huge advantage of choosing Beesley Fuels is that you’ll be able to continue running your site operations as we can provide temporary site solutions, ensuring business as normal while the double wall system is being installed.

No matter your requirements, our engineers can look after all your fuel-related needs. Call 0330 123 1144 today to book a tank lining installation today.

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