Tank Telemetry

Tank Telemetry Monitoring Solutions

Tank telemetry systems offer total visibility of your stored fuel across your entire business. Ideal for organisations with a high fuel turnover, sensors will monitor your tank levels and fuel’s condition, significantly reducing the risk of site downtime.

How does an oil tank monitor work?

Our engineers will install sensors which provide instant alerts when fuel levels drop below a predetermined threshold. This significantly reduces the risk of running tanks dry, ultimately avoiding any disruption in your operations.

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Why invest in tank telemetry?

Leave your fuel to the experts – you will receive your very own dedicated account manager who will take care of all aspects of your stored fuel, including arranging deliveries when fuel levels drop.

Bespoke dashboard – you can gain access to a personalised, easy-to-use dashboard, giving you clear visibility of your chosen areas of your fuel supply. For example, your dashboard says how many days fuel you have left, calculated on your average consumption.

Range of reporting options – you will gain insights into your fuel consumption, including predicted run-out dates and trends across the year, with the option to view data weekly, daily, hourly or in real-time.

Advantages of oil tank telemetryTank Telemetry

  • Never run tanks dry
  • Personalised account management
  • Opportunity for personalised dashboard
  • Improved traceability of stock
  • Unexpected drop and leak alerts
  • Reduce business downtime
  • Consumption data aids with CRC scheme and DECC calculations

Take full control of your stored fuel within your business and speak to a member of the team today on 0330 123 1144.

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